Balance & Manifest: Your Rise to Greatness

Season 1, Episode 1

Intro Episode: Who are we??

Welcome to our new podcast! Join us on this introduction episode. Get to know us a little bit, how this podcast idea came about, and what the future of this show holds. We really appreciate you joining us on this new adventure!



Season 1, Episode 2

Origin Story: Sav Thompson

We are joined by our good friend Kristen Cattell as our very own Savannah (Sav) shares her life story. Sav talks about growing up on a secluded ranch, raising sheep, sports, and more! We talk about Sav's family dynamic and how that had an effect on her mentally. We also get an insight into where Sav developed her motto, Balance & Manifest!



Season 1, Episode 3

Set Yourself up for Success with Jon Sargent

On this episode we are joined by one of our best friends, Jon Sargent. Jon is an ISSA certified personal trainer with additional certifications in corrective exercise, nutrition specialist, as well as strength and conditioning for sports. The three of us share some tips and tricks that we use, and YOU can use, to set yourself up to accomplish your fitness goals! Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining strength, a faster mile time, competing in a body building competition, these strategies can help you stay on track and find success! 



Season 1, Episode 4

Origin Story: Tony Drake

On this episode we are joined by Tony Drake from Coaching by Drake. As a kid, Tony grew up battling weight issues and getting picked on. The pain from the bullying would follow him into his adult life when he decided it was time to make a change both physically and mentally. Tony shares his weight loss journey, his dream of wrestling for WWF, how he met his wife, and how he used his pain and struggles to help coach and motivate others. Tony is an ISSA trainer and a Lifestyle Transofmation Coach. Thank you for tuning in for Tony's amazing story.



Season 1, Episode 5

Origin Story: Nightmare Muscle

On this episode, Sean takes a little road trip to sit down with the men behind one of the biggest up and coming brands in powerlifting, Nightmare Muscle. Ryan, Mike, and Wilmer share the stories of how they all met, how the Nightmare Muscle brand came to be, how they got started in powerlifting, and much more! We are extremely grateful to the guys for giving us their time and sharing their story with us! We hope you enjoy a more in depth look into the Nightmare Muscle brand!




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